About Us

About Us

Silver Bullet Realty was born as a result of our great interest in investment property. As long time landlords ourselves, having built up a portfolio of investment properties for over 14 years and over 3 continents, we have a good nose for the business and a great passion for it.

Over the years we have learned a great many lessons on investment property and Ken’s 20 years in the financial industry had worked to our advantage.

Silver Bullet Realty has been a long time dream. We feel that there is much room for improvement in this industry especially in terms of customer service, efficiency and professionalism. From being landlords ourselves, we understand landlords’ needs and expectations. We strive to learn from others’ mistakes and provide excellence in property management. We are confident in our ability to deliver – this is why we offer our service guarantee to Investment Property Owners. We believe that people should stand up for what they believe in.


Ken Guiney (Principal)


Ken is the principal and founder of Silver Bullet Realty. With 20 years in accounting and finance, as well as coming up to 15 years as a Residential Investment Property owner himself, he has great understanding in rates of return and specifically in Investment Property . Alongside his accounting and finance experience Ken has bought, renovated, sub-divided, rented out and sold multiple investment properties in England, New Zealand and Australia. He has a good eye for a sound investment and has had great success in the field (see testimonials).

Ken believes that drawing on his experience he can now help other landlords like him, realise the potential of their properties and increasing returns. With great attention to detail, a real can-do attitude coupled with an unstoppable determination to deliver, Ken is the kind of person you want to look after your investment.