Leading Property Managers of Australia 2012 Awards for Excellence

Home Property Management

The finalists have been announced for the LPMA 2012 Awards for Excellence. Local property manager, Silver Bullet Realty, is a finalist in the Best home property management Website category.

LPMA is an elite group of professionals made up of the very best home property management practitioners and companies. They are at the forefront of Australian property management practice, and their Awards are highly sought after. By being announced as finalists, these firms and individuals are recognised as the very best in the home property management industry. They lead the way in professionalism, professional development and industry standards.

Bob Walters, Executive Director of LPMA said “All finalists in these Awards are of such a high standard that it is very difficult to separate the winners”.

“LPMA Members are governed by a Code of Practice and exemplify the highest levels of professionalism and innovation, therefore these Award finalists are deserving the highest honour that we can bestow” Bob added.

Winners will be announced at the LPMA 2012 Gala Award Dinner being held at Jupiter’s Casino and Hotel on Queensland’s Gold Coast, on Thursday 26th April.

Eastern suburbs property management – Maintenance and repairs

Eastern Suburbs Property Management

When talking about eastern suburbs property management overlooking and arranging repairs and maintenance can be one of the most time consuming tasks a property manager has.

However there are a few simple tricks to make that field of eastern suburbs property management a lot easier and quicker.

  • Include an in advance with the landlord determined repair amount in the management agreement. This way you won’t have to spend as much time discussing about repairs with the landlord and the tenant.
  • In the case of a requested repair let the tenants write all the repair information on a standard repair request form.
  • Keep a record of all repair and maintenance information on your computer. To contain a certain order is very important when working on eastern suburbs property management.
  • Communicate with the landlords and the tenants as often as you can. Inform the landlords about upcoming repairs and ask the tenants about any necessary repairs once in a while.
  • Let the tenants know right away when a repair enquiry has been declined.\
  • Always deal with the craftsman in a professional way. Give them the repair information in writing so that there can’t be any confusion. Keep track of any outstanding jobs and contact them more than once if possible. Don’t always choose the cheapest tradesperson.

For every eastern suburbs property management company it’s important to maintain a good relationship with the landlords, tenants and also the craftsman in order to be seen as professionals.

Owner of Property

Owner of property

How to Become an Owner of Property

Property ownership is not a complex terminology and here we will clearly explain  for you all the different ways of how you can become an Owner of Property. Ownership refers to the legal right of possession to property either when you buy investment property, inheritance or gift. There are significant milestones to owning property but there are several ways in which you can be classified as owner of propertyContinue reading

Investment Property Management

Investment Property Management

Sydney Property Management

Constantly keeping up with sole management of your rental properties in Sydney is a stressful task and you should get  yourself help of efficient investment Property Management real estate agentThe best way to maintain a steady and profitable relationship between you and your tenants is to have good and hones communication facilitated by your real estate property manager.  Building a positive reputation with current and potential tenants  is very hard and it takes a very long time, but with poor investment property management all hard work of building your reputation can be destroyed. Continue reading

Property Management Fees

Property Management Fees

About Property Management Fees

If you are continuously in doubt of how your monthly payment to your property management company is being calculated, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about the main costs that consist Property Management Fees. It is imperative to understand all the fees, there are many real estate agents in Sydney and their fees will influence your real estate investing strategies.
Your property management fees should fall along the limits of your budgetary allocation for property management to enable you get full value for your life time investment. Continue reading

Investment Property for Sale

Investment Property for Sale

Sydney Investment Property for Sales

Ever wondered how you can make most out of your savings in real estate in Sydney, then this short guide will give you some major points to consider in order to increase the value of your Investment Property for Sale.
Property investment is a long term approach of building your wealth. All you need is a good start up capital and the willingness to take a calculated risk and be eager to learn how to make the most out of your investment property for sale. Continue reading

Investing in Rental Properties

Investing in rental properties

Investing in rental properties

There is no denying that real estate can be a smart investment, but only if you take the time to ensure that when you buy investment property you buy the right one. Too many people jump into the market, lured in by stories of fabulous wealth and huge profits, only to find that it’s not as simple as investing in rental properties and then sitting back and watching the money roll in. Even before investing in rental properties, it’s wise to have real estate investment strategy in mind, and that starts with deciding what your short or long term goals are. Continue reading

City 2 Surf 2011 a Success!

As you may know, Silver Bullet Realty participated in the 2011 City 2 Surf. We had a great time and we have provided a few pictures for your enjoyment on our Community page.

Click Here to visit our community page and find out more about our involvement!


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