Property Management Bondi

Residential property management can be difficult to handle on your own so why do it all yourself when silver bullet realty can help you along the way. Our company here will leave you feeling safe knowing that you are being offered the best property management in Bondi Junction. Silver bullet realty specialises in property management in Bondi Junction. Built on a foundation of professionalism, experience, integrity and good communication we offer a high standard of property management in Bondi Junction.

Our knowledge of the local market and list of experience and testimonials ensure that we are able to take on any task and help you out in any way possible. Here at silver bullet realty we offer proactive communication and attention to detail for any type of property management in Bondi Junction. This is achieved through our high accessibility rate and provision of 24/7 access to information including: Rental Statements, Inspection Reports, Professional Photos of the investment property and floor plan. We return all phone calls, reply to all emails, complete and report on inspections and stay in contact with you while advising you on matters straight away as they happen. These extra services for your benefit make your life much easier and stress free because property management in Bondi Junction should be easy.

Switching your property management in Bondi Junction to silver bullet realty is a very easy two-step process that does not affect any existing tenancy lease. First you have to give notice which usually takes up to thirty days to go through but check your current managing agent agreement to find out exactly the amount of time needed. The second step is all up to us. We take over and liaison with your agent and send them a termination letter with your signature and collect the landlord’s files, keys and lease document for you.