Property Management Centennial Park

Based in Bondi Junction, Silver Bullet Realty has been offering boutique property management services to homeowners in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for over a decade. Led by Ken, our principal and founder, the Silver Bullet team offer on-time, reliable, and experienced property management in Centennial Park.
As a boutique agency, client satisfaction is our main priority.

We aim to foster long term relationships with our clients by offering high standards of customer service, efficiency and professionalism. Our goals are your goals when you choose to go with Silver Bullet’s property management. We offer tailored strategic planning to deliver great returns on your investment property.
The Silver Bullet team has a wealth of specialised experience in the Eastern Suburbs and we’ve continued to provide areas like Centennial Park with property managers and services for over ten years.

Having been landlords ourselves, we understand the frustration that comes with lacklustre property management offered by most in the industry. Silver Bullet Realty was a firm founded on the idea of meeting all landlords’ needs and expectations without fail. We’re passionate about providing high quality property management to Centennial Park and like suburbs, and unlike most firms out there, we’re confident in our ability to deliver on our promises.

For this reason we provide all clients with our service guarantee outlining our service standards—that all dealings with our property managers should be accessible, reliable, and accountable—and, on the off chance we do not meet the required standard of service Silver Bullet promise to provide the next three months of property management on your investment property free of charge! That’s three months of free property management in Centennial Park, in Paddington, in Bondi, and wherever else our services have failed to deliver.

Providing boutique residential property management in Centennial Park, and other Eastern Suburbs surrounding Bondi Junction, is what we do. It is our core business and the Silver Bullet Realty team are more that good at delivering our clients with everything from investment protection when times are bad to healthy returns when weather permits.

Silver Bullet Realty is more than a firm that provides Centennial Park with property management services. We are experienced professionals with a positive interest in seeing your investment grow. We are your partners on the road to long term wealth. We are professionals and proud partners to all our clients.

So if you’re looking to make a significant change in the way you manage your property, send an enquiry to Silver Bullet or give us a call directly. Switching your Centennial Park property management providers takes two simple steps. First, if you have a property manager currently, give them notice of the change. It usually takes a month for the paperwork to be processed but check the contract with them to see the actual terms listed. The next step is to leave the rest to us. Silver Bullet Realty will take care of all the paperwork that follows during the transition as with the proceeding paperwork regarding property management details, and landlord particulars such as the transfer of keys. Then, watch as we take your Centennial Park property management to the next level.

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