Landlord Info

Marketing your property

All properties are advertised on and Professional copy is used, as is professional photography and floorplans. We understand that marketing and professional appearance of the advertising attracts A-grade tenants for very competitive rates. Furthermore, we arrange multiple scheduled inspection dates – at a variety of times throughout the day to enable the prospective tenants to actually be able to make it to the property to inspect it. We are also able to arrange private viewings when required.

Professional Photography

We at Silver Bullet Realty fully understand the importance and impact that professional photographs have in attracting excellent prospective tenants.  We have a panel of professional photographers that shoot our material for advertising in brochures and for the internet.  There is an absolute world of difference between professional photographs and photos taken by non-professionals.  We require the best possible images when marketing your property – the photos are the window into your investment.


Q:  What is the importance of providing a Floor Plan of your property?
A:  We believe that Floor Plans, coupled with professional photographs, is the most effective way to market the property for letting. This way, Prospective Tenant (and landlord) is able to view the entire property layout (inside and out) and get a clear picture of the overall property size, including individual rooms and how the internal living rooms and accommodation flow within the property. It will also assist a Prospective Tenant to visualise the best fit for their bedding and furnishings. The Floor Plan is part of the total package available to Investment Property owners. This can assist in better equipping the property with furnishing layout for a furnished property. We believe a professional Floor Plan provides an added string to our bow when advertising and marketing the property.  There is also the added benefit which enables us to add further detail and clarity when completing the Condition and Inspection reports especially with regards to work, or Repairs and Maintenance on the Investment Property. It streamlines reference to the Investment Property.  The Floor Plan is available 24/7  in the Landlords Personal online Portal – a centralised one-stop shop of all the individual Investment Property details.

Tenant selection

The property condition will be kept only as good as your tenant, therefore our careful tenant selection skills will dictate how well the property is maintained.  Having good tenants is one of the corner stones of successful Property Investing.  Managing the tenancy risk is all important. Risk management starts with tenant selection.  Each prospective tenant completes a detailed Tenancy Application form (click here to view).

We check each and every prospective tenant against a National Tenancy Database – TICA.  We check TICA to verify that the information on the application is true and correct. Assists in Duty of care.  Collects, uses and discloses information about tenants.  TICA is australia’s largest and most widely used tenancy database.

TICA provides access to :

  • Over 450,000 Tenancy History Records
  • Over 6 million enquiry records
  • Over 500,000 Public Records

Running an authorised check also pulls up public history – this establishes if a tenant has been to the Tenancy Tribunal – and why.  Checking the tenant with TICA provide us with a proven National Default Tenancy Control System providing invaluable information for portfolio management resulting in improved business profitability and professionalism by reducing the exposure to unwanted tenants.  Simply put TICA is a Tenancy History Database. TICA merely reports on information that should be contained in a truthfully completed tenancy application form, being which member the tenant had previously rented through and the members contact details.

Rental payments & Arrears

We collect the rent from the tenants as per the tenancy agreement – fortnightly or monthly. This is received via the MacQuarie Bank DEFT payment system.

Silver Bullet Realty ensures the avoidance of any confusion by demonstrating exactly how the rent payment is calculated – PRIOR to the Tenant signing the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

The Landlord portal enables the user to see online, in real time, his investment property’s bank account statement. 24 hours , 7 days a week. The rent is paid by us into your nominated bank account once a month. A summary of all income and expenditure is provided as standard at financial year end at no cost. Monthly, quarterly and yearly statements can be emailed also.


A rental bond is an amount of money (four weeks rent), paid by the tenant as a form of security for the landlord against any future breaches of the tenancy agreement.  The Residential Tenancies Act 2010 requires a rental bond collected by an agent to be lodged with the Rental Bond Board.  The Act requires an Agent to lodge this within 10 days of the end of the month.  The Tenant will receive a receipt for the bond from the Office of Fair Trading.

Repairs and maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are central to the successful management of an investment property.  The Tenant wants to ensure repairs and maintenance, particularly urgent repairs are dealt with swiftly, efficiently and in a timely manner.  The Landlord needs to have surety that we at Silver Bullet Realty adhere to the following:

  1. That we have a panel of skilled, approved tradesmen that can be accessed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. That these tradesmen are licensed and Insured – and we have evidence of that.
  3. That repairs deemed to be Urgent are dealt with as soon as possible – click here for list of Urgent repairs
  4. That All repairs are authorized by the landlord – no surprises
  5. That we act in accordance with the Management Agent agreement, PSAB Act, RTA and the landlords instructions
  6. That repairs procedures from lodgement, to approval, to repair, to follow up, to correct payment –  are strictly followed

Key holding service

All tenants listed on the Residential Tenancy Agreement will be given a set of keys in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 2010.  This includes keys for doors, windows, garage or letterbox key.  Tenants are not charged a separate fee, bond or deposit for keys.

Spare keys are also held by the Agency. This enables us to allow licensed and screened tradesmen access to the property for repairs and maintenance.  In the event that the tenant is unable to be at the property (ie. due to work commitments) it allows us, with notice,  to perform property inspections, or indeed allow access in the event of an emergency.


Asset protection and maintenance is paramount.   Ensuring the condition of the Investment Property is monitored, effectively and efficiently recorded is key.

An Initial Inspection report is carried out at the beginning of a new tenancy, it records in detail all aspects of the properties condition.  The Initial Inspection (or Ingoing Report) is a legal requirement. It forms Part 2 of the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

An accurate account of the condition of the premises is vital. This Initial condition report is compared to the Final Condition report at the end of the tenancy.  Where there are differences in the beginning and ending conditions, ultimately, the condition reports determine the allocation of the Bond.

Set procedures and checklists : are followed in the compiliation and detailed recording of items for the Inspection reports.   Accuracy : is critical to protect both the landlord, and the Tenant.

Silver Bullet Realty’s policy is to conduct the following inspections for a fixed 12 month lease :

  1. Initial Inspection at beginning of tenancy
  2. An Interim inspection 3 months after the beginning of the tenancy.
  3. A final inspection at the end of the fixed term of the tenancy.
  4. A further interim inspection will be undertaken if it is warranted.

Photographs : It is Silver Bullet Realty’s policy that all condition reports are supported by photographs of key parts / areas of interest of the property. Tenants are requested to sign and date all photos.

Each detailed inspection report, including colour photographs, is emailed  to the landlord as soon as it is completed.  These are also uploaded to a centralised information repository in the landlords’ secure personal portal. Available 24/7.

Rent reviews

For Residential properties the fixed term is usually 6 or 12 months.  A Rent Review is standard procedure when nearing the end of the fixed term of the tenancy.  Factors influencing the rent review will include:

  1. Comparable properties  (based on similar location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc ) that have recently been leased.
  2. Comparable properties that are on the open market being offered for lease.
  3. Supply and Demand, the effects of general market forces prevailing at the time of review.

Any Rent Review is done in tandem with the landlord. Every Lease or re-leasing document must also  be authorised by the Landlord.

End of lease

Tenants are contacted well in advance of the end of their lease expiry with regards to renewing and/or ending their current lease.  Silver Bullet Realty  will advise landlords well ahead of this lease expiry date and engage in discussion with Landlord regarding all aspects of end of lease.  Factors affecting the end of lease discussions with Landlord include:

  • Wishes of the current tenants to extend lease.
  • Rent review process and procedure.
  • How well the property has been maintained by current tenants.
  • Timely payment of rent by current tenants.

Every lease extension or termination is actioned only once the express authorisation and instruction of the Landlord has been received.