Why Choose Us ?

So what is it that sets Silver Bullet Realty apart from your average property manager? Read below and soon you too will understand what makes Silver Bullet Realty the answer to your property management needs!

1. Communication & Accessibility

Proactive Communication and Attention to Detail are the key points for us to provide exceptional property management services. We achieve this by being accessible, returning phone calls, replying to emails, completing and reporting on inspections, staying in contact, advising on matters straight away – when they arise, and, having the expertise to deal with the matters efficiently and professionally. We believe it is the extra yards, those one hundred percent efforts that make the difference and separate Silver Bullet Realty from the rest of the field.

2. Core Business

We specialise in Residential Investment Property Management – this is our core business – not a side line of other property related activities such as sales. That means we have our eyes on the ball and one sole focus – you and your property.

3. Experience

The Silver Bullet Realty Directors are Residential Investment Property owners themselves and have maintained their own personal portfolio for over 14 years (see Testimonials). We have been, and indeed are presently, in the shoes of the landlords ourselves. We understand Rates of Return and how it relates to property investment.

4. Bullet Proof Systems

As a former accountant, the Principal is acutely aware of exactly how fundamental and important excellent procedures, systems, and protocols are to running an efficient and successful Property Management Business. Organisation, attention to detail and delivery in a thorough and timely manner are all key attributes and components of our Bullet Proof Systems.

5. Integrity

You deal with the owners of the business – this is not a franchise model – it is our own personal reputations we are upholding. The buck stops and starts with us. You won’t be out in a queue or made feel like a number. You are relevant, your happiness and satisfaction are key and it is our job to ensure that. Integrity, respect and trust are vital for our ongoing mutual success.

6. Professionalism

Both Directors are full members of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales – REINSW – we are bound by their rules of conduct and ethics. Principal, Ken Guiney, has almost 20 years experience in finance and accounting, having obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree – Accounting major in 1992. Ken is also an associate member of the Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) of Australia, and a proud member of the Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA).

7. Landlord Service Standards

We stand by our Client Service Standards and we take them very seriously. They are an effective criteria for our customers to keep us focused on them and set out for landlords exactly what they may expect from us in terms of service. These Landlord Service Standards are provided in writing.

8. Our Guarantee

If these service standards are not met – we manage the property for free for the next 3 months.

9. Floor Plans

We provide a floor plan for each and every property as this gives a huge advantage when looking to attract A-grade prospective tenants to the Investment property when marketing and advertising.

10. Professional Photography

We employ a Professional Photographer to do your property the justice it deserves. We know that getting the presentation of the investment property absolutely spot on is critical for marketing and advertising.

11. Landlord 24/7 Access

Availability of information and transparency are vitally important to Silver Bullet Realty – Landlords are able to enter their own personal portal providing 24/7 access to information including:

  1. Rental Statements (including dispersements)
  2. Inspection Reports (including photographs)
  3. Professional Photos of the investment property
  4. Floor plan

12. Partners

We see ourselves as Partners in your Residential Property Investments – providing help, advice and guidance in any and every way we possibly can – just the way it should be!