Tenant Information

Office Hours

Our office hours are from Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 5.30pm – call 02 8095 6572

And on Saturdays between 8am and 2pm – call 02 8095 6572

If you have an Emergency outside of these times, you may call the office number on 02 8095 6572 and you will be connected with the appropriate mobile number.

Submitting Application Forms

There are two ways to send us your application form.

1.Online – click here to view

2. Print out an application form and mail or fax to us. Click here to download.


The tenant is responsible for connecting, placing the account in their name and paying for services to the property.

Note that if the property does not have a separate water meter, as with most units, you will not be charged for water usage.

If there is a separate meter then the tenant will be responsible for the water usage component. We will advise on a case by case basis.

The following are contact numbers for relevant authorities:

Gas: AGL T: 131 245
Electricity: AGL T: 131 245
Electricity: Energy Australia T: 131 535
Telephone: Telstra T: 132 200

We have also formed an alliance with DirectConnect, a specialist utility connection service provider.

Direct Connect offers a free, no obligation service designed to take the stress out of moving and save you time on the phone.

Please let us know if you wish to use this most efficient and convenient service.

Rental Payments

Rent is to be paid in advance at all times – as per the Rental Tenancy Agreement.

If you are not able to pay your rent, or pay on time, please contact us on 02 8095 6572 straight away.

Rent calculation for Calender month is : (weekly rent / 7 days ) x 365 days in year / 12 months.

Please note, if you have not paid your rent, and you have not contacted us, then you may be issued with a termination notice.

Unfortunately we cannot accept cash or personal cheques over the counter in the office.

Our preferred method of payment is by DEFT.

DEFT is a most efficient and excellent payment system allowing you to pay by:

BPAY, Credit card, Direct Debit, EFT, or by cash or cheque at Australia Post

Property Condition Report

We inspect the premises at the start of a tenancy and provide a very detailed, accurate and comprehensive Property Condition Report accompanied by photographs. The tenant is provided with 2 copies of this report.

This is Condition Report is very important because it states for the record the exact condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.

We will provide you with 2 copies of this report when you sign the tenancy agreement. The tenant(s) should review this report thoroughly and add any comments they feel are required regarding the condition any item listed.

The tenant then retains the blue copy of the Condition Report and returns the other copy to our office. It is important that the tenant returns this copy within 7 days of the commencement of the tenancy.

At the end of the tenancy, a Final Condition Report is undertaken with the same care and attention to detail as the Initial property Condition Report.

A comparison is then made between the condition of all items and aspects of the property of the Initial Property Condition Report and the Final Property Condition Report.

It will be the tenants responsibility to reinstate all items of difference between these 2 reports (excepting items classified as fair wear and tear).

Rental Bond

A rental bond is an amount of money paid by the tenant as a form of security for the landlord against any future breaches of the tenancy agreement including unpaid rent or damage to the property.

The rental Bond is lodged with the NSW Office of Fair Trading (T: 13 32 20). Once lodged, the tenant will receive written confirmation from the Office of Fair Trading that they have received the Rental Bond. Included in this confirmation will be a Rental Bond Registration Number.

The Bond will be refunded promptly after you vacate, provided all rent is paid, and there are no outstanding monies for cleaning the premises or repairs.

Routine Inspections

During the course of your tenancy, your Property Manager will undertake property inspections periodically. We will contact you and ensure we provide at least the required 7 days minimum notice.

We undertake to make an inspection 3 months after the commencement of the tenancy and every 6 months thereafter.

The reason we undertake to carry out these regular periodic inspections is to advise the owner of the condition of their property and how you are maintaining the property. It also serves as a good opportunity for you to advise us of any repairs and maintenance that may need to be brought to our attention.

Repairs and Maintenance

Please report any repairs and maintenance as soon as they come up. To help facilitate a speedy and effective repair, Requests for actual repairs and maintenance are required to be submitted in writing. Please submit a Repair Request Form.

We will attend to any non-urgent repair within 1 business day, however it is often necessary to obtain the landlords approval, as well as quotes, before the work can commence.

Emergency Repairs (After Hours)

In the event of an Urgent Repair that requires to be attended to immediately – call our office on 02 8095 6572 and you will be at advised of the appropriate mobile number to contact. We have a staff member attending this office number 24 hours – 7 days a week.

The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) 2010, clause 62,  gives guidance as to what is normally deemed to be an Urgent Repairs – Please click here to view list (links to Forms and docs page).


Our office will hold a duplicate copy of keys to the premises. The main reason is to ensure that we can get access to the property in the event of an emergency.

If locks are changed, added or altered, permission will need to be obtained prior to the action. A new set of duplicate keys are to be supplied to the office.


The Owner’s Insurance does not cover the tenants’ personal belongings. We recommend that tenants take out their own contents insurance to cover any loss that may be incurred due to fire, theft or any other perils.

In the event that the tenant, another occupier, or a visitor damages the property and the owner is required to make a claim on their insurance, the tenant will be required to cover the cost of the excess on the claim.


Your tenancy agreement states the maximum permissible number of people who can occupy the property. Please contact us if you wish to make changes to the original occupants as per your tenancy agreement – this includes both changing tenants or the addition of new tenants.

In the event that you wish to sub-let the property – you must obtain the Owner’s written consent.

Please contact us first if you are considering sub-letting.

Visitors and Guests

All tenants named on the tenancy agreement are responsible for the behaviour of any visitors or other persons while on the property – including children.

Termination of the Tenancy Agreement

Please complete and submit to us a Vacating Notice Form if you intend to vacate the property.

The Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract that provides protection for both the tenant and the owner. The Tenant may terminate the Tenancy Agreement by:

  • Providing  the legally required 14 day minimum written notice to us, prior to the expiry of your tenancy agreement
  • Providing  the legally required 21 day minimum written notice to us, after the expiry of your Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement

Breaking the Termination Agreement Early

In the event that, for reasons outside of your control, you have to vacate the property prior to the expiration of your Tenancy Agreement, please contact us as soon as you are able to.


A Vacating Notice form may be sent to us in one of the following ways:

  • Post to : PO Box 7469, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
  • Hand delivered to our office address

Unfortunately we are not able to accept Notice to Vacate Forms by email or over the phone as they are not legally permissible.

Visit our Links and Forms page to download the form that best fits your requirements.